"We are Promo Active, an advertising &marketing agency ."
we care about bringing our clients more business & communicate them with their target market.

Our Mission

By entering twenty first century, and the increase of the need of specialization in all scales the number of companies and foundations increased .

Web design

The Inter Net Marketing is as just another advertising medium, like radio, television, newspapers and magazines.


E-marketing means using digital technologies to help sell your goods or services. These technologies are a valuable complement .


Distribution  process is a services used extensively by the fast food industries, and many other business focusing on a local catchment Business .

SMS campaign

SMS (short messaging service) - almost everyone has a mobile phone, so marketing via text messaging is a viable option.

Multimedia presentation

provides an ongoing point of contact with your customers and can be a useful way of collecting information about them for our MULTI MEDIA

Marketing strategy

A well strategized and properly implemented marketing plan is a key component to the business’ growth .


is an important building process for a business to create emotional bonds and communicate relative value with customers.

Social media marketing

(SMM) refers to the online process and utilization of social media sites to gain traffic or attention for a business products or services .



Is considered one of the leading advertising agency in Egypt,
Our agency consists of a highly qualified and experienced staff, which has proved its efficiency in the Egyptian market. We strive to meet our client needs, for we seek their trust and cooperation.
We can help you create the bridge between your business and the target audiences that u are looking for.


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